Getting to Know Cholesterol

Getting to Know Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy substance our body needs. Our body needs cholesterol to live healthily and happily by using cholesterol as follows:

  1. As parts of all cell walls for fluidity
  2. As raw materials for our body to produce bile to be used in digesting fats and also helps absorp vitamins that are dissolved within fats such as Vitamin A, D, E and K
  3. As a precursor so that our body could synthesize Vitamin D for usage
  4. Cholesterol is a steroid in itself so can be used by our body to produce steroid hormones that our it needs such as cortisol and aldosterone for adrenal gland used in controlling out moods and sodium and testosterone and estrogen which are male and female hormones (taking slim pills effect sex hormones)
  5. Another important role of cholesterol is it insulates the nerve fibers to let the brain communicate instantly without any error, without shortage because all nerve fibers are covered with myelin sheath that was made from cholesterol

So, after reading this information, do you still hate cholesterol?  If your liver cannot use cholesterol then don’t expect to live without diseases.

With Well Wishes

Prof. Bunyong Nantarojanaporn

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