Guidelines for patients

Guidelines for patients:

  1. Drink pure water at least 1,500 – 2,000 cc.
  2. Should eat lots of fruits and vegetables and some meat. The best fruit is pineapple, papaya and banana because the patient will get bromelain and papain enzyme that are good for digestive system of the patient. They also help with urination. The patient that receives food via tubing should do as advised by hospital.
  3. If flatulence occurs, take ENO or Salol et menthol mixture or, if not available, drink sparkling water with salted added instead.
  4. For diarrhea, take 5 capsules of Andrographis paniculata.
  5. For headache or fever, take paracetamols or regular over-the-counter drugs that are available. Do not take set-pills or antibiotic.
  6. For liver-ache or bone-ache, meditate on the painful area to relieve because morphine or painkiller cannot help.
  7. Insomnia, drink cow milk mix with 2 tablespoons of honey in the evening or before bedtime to build melatonin hormones. After 15 days the patients will sleep soundly and wake up more refreshing.
  8. Chemotherapy and radiation is ok for cancer patients
  • Cancer but will not accept antibiotic because ours are microbes so cannot be used together, patient has to choose one way or the other
  • If symptoms occur, please call and ask us first because we are experienced enough to give advice, if need to admit into hospital, we will inform the relatives.

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