Nutritious products to extend the lifespan of body cells, preventing premature white hair plus strengthen hair roots and making hair grows faster (than normal even in elderly people)


P.011 helps the body restores itself. It enhances the immunity of the white yeast. It also enhances the functionality of the liver and endocrine system by working with herbs that strengthen the body. It reduces fatigue, slows down cell deterioration, making cells last longer resulting in slowing down the age process. There’s no side effect so is very suitable for recuperating patients.



  • Yeast Beta glucan
  • Dong Quai extract
  • Korean Ginseng extract
  • Reishi extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Goji Berry (Wolf berry) extract


TFDA 80-1-22859-5-0056


Each bottle contains 100 capsules


Direction for patient (Click To Read)


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