Speech by Asa Saligupta on behalf of Probiotic and Herbal in Prague

Speech by Asa Saligupta on behalf of Probiotic and Herbal in Prague.

Good evening everyone, I know it’s been a tiresome day but it’s really educational. I’m going to keep mine really simple. These slides I did was to present to just regular persons. I’m really nervous coz I’m speaking to lots of professors, lots of doctors and scientists and researchers, which I am not.  I only do the presentations and basic terms. Just to give you heads up, a little bit of what we are, who we are and what we do.

That’s me, of course. Everybody’s been saying my name right. It’s Asa Saligupta. No affiliation with Indians whatsoever. I’m Thai, pure Thai from Thailand.

And this is our brand, of course. We have lots more products than these. We have almost 40 types already out in the market. We have our own clinics and our own distribution but we are pushing to go into hospitals as an alternative. We’ll see in the future.

This is our researcher, Professor Bunyong. He has studies herbs and such for 30 – 40 years already. He started with herbs and with just a regular microscope. Right now he has the kind you don’t have to peer through holes but instead watching from the screen. I think even right now he’s in front of the screen, watching the growth of yeasts and fungi and others.

Let’s check out some examples of our researches, of what we have. Most of these pictures are from our own laboratory.

Gonna go real quick. I don’t want to be boring. These are our lab’s samples. We also do fungi and yeast. Some examples.

And these are our lab results. Especially I want to touch on one thing which is the Endophytic Fungi B19 which Professor Bunyong had found himself and already registered and sent to a few of the international labs. These are the results. We’ve got results from BMC and also from Biotec. Partially it’s written in Thai.

  • Incurable Diseases clip

Actually, I’ve got like ten of these but I’m not going to show them all.  These are just examples.  Also these clips were done before we got the FDA’s approval. Now we’ve got the FDA’s approval and got that label that said yes, it’s FDA’s approved. The same you put on drugs you sell over the counter.  That same kind of logo so yes we already have that and yes it’s already out in the market. And just to be more specific, one more.

  • Cancer clip

Like I said, since we’re already FDA approved, we’re pushing to go into hospitals. Nowadays, there are several major hospitals in Thailand that have cancer patients that they don’t know what to do with, like those forth-stage, the doctors would secretly give our clinic’s number and told them to give this clinic a call, maybe they can help. And we had helped many patients especially cancer patients, by the thousands already.  There were bed-ridden patients, with hoses in their orifices, and the doctor gave them a week or two to live, let them go home to write out the will, book the cemetery, etc.  That was six or eight months ago and they’re still alive.  Some of them started traveling and do whatever they like already.  We have proof, a living proof of our real patients.

Let’s have some fun. This is what I use when I do the explaining to the regular people just to put it in a simpler term. As you can see, a big bomb, hydrogen bomb, atom bomb, whatever. The modern medication is like … Let’s say we have a cancer patient. The cancer cells, of course that’s our enemy. Let’s compare ourselves to a kingdom, any kind of kingdom, you pick in your mind. Once we have enemies, the modern medication, of course I’m talking about chemotherapy, is like using an atom bomb. It destroys everything, right? Of course that’s how chemotherapy works.  And once the smoke clears, the enemy at the gate will attack, again. So, why don’t we do this?

Let’s say we have enemies attacking us at the gate.  Why don’t we rally? Get some people to defend. So that’s our new alternative.

We have our hero. Of course, we refer to our medication, the probiotic, herbs and fungi, everything that works together. But, there had been many researches, done in many countries, the problem, like from my example, if you want to send a warrior, Alexander the Great of whoever, the general, to send them to the border to protect the kingdom which is of course our body. How to send that general alive and well? If you synthesize it, it’s gone. It’s like putting the general in a coffin with no food. Of course, we know this general is our main weapon. But how to make him stay alive in capsulated form. We gotta give him enough food, gotta make him still be alive.

That general will also act as a leader to attack the enemy plus help rally the local people. That’s how our medication, our Probiotic, our P 001 to P012 plus other types of probiotic and prebiotic and herbs, etc. work. We have to use them in combination. Just to make sure that the general stays alive long enough to defend your kingdom against the enemy.

Of course, if you can do that, victory is ours. That is the thought, the logic behind what Professor Bunyong had worked on. That is his main thought. So, ok, you can put it in syringe and test it on animals. How to make it effective with human? This is what we’re looking for. We’re looking at the world not just Thailand. Of course, Thailand has the highest number of patients per capita in the world. But we also want to save everyone. This is a great opportunity to be here, to be in this room, to give presentation, to hear other people’s researches and what not.

Just a little bit of recap … We already saw from the clip how to make them still alive in capsulated form and break out inside our body plus they have to be in a bottle, those pills. How to make that still be alive. So that’s one of the successes of Professor Bunyong.

So let’s break it down a little bit more and see how our products work.

Probiotic … What we do is we combined the probiotic, yeast and endophytic fungi, also along with some special kinds of herbs that we have researched in our laboratory which in the end we put in capsulated form.

For some of the guaranteed results, I’m not saying … when I say result it means you can test the blood to see the result. Not completely cure but can see the results, the blood-tested result of all these. Whether it be bone marrow cancer, or any kind of cancer, allergy, SLE, rheumatoid, diabetes and others.

Here, that’s the main problem, many of you that had given speech before me talked about bone marrow. If it’s not working right that’s the big problem because of the platelets that it cannot produce. If the bone marrow becomes defective, then it’s a big problem. So the solution is how to make the bone marrow be activated to make it back to normal again, to work again.

Our main microbiota system is of course the Endophytic Fungi B19. That’s our main ingredients and that’s what Professor Bunyong, after 30+ years of researches had came out with and had sent to many labs, world renown laboratories. And they said, ok, the B19 has the quality to cure cancer. You’ve probably heard, I’m sure, about the T. Cell and the T. Killer Cell. Those are what we have to restore back to normal. If all these, our own immune system plus the T. Cell and T. Killer Cell, if they work normally, I’m not going to say that you’ll be completely immune to all diseases. You’ll be living like a normal person. The patients can be living a normal life again.

And the immune system, of course, we’ve watch in the clip already that it covers all of what we call the “Incurable Diseases”. In Thai we call it โรคกรรมโรคเวร What is incurable diseases? Well, these are incurable diseases: cancer, liver disease, tuberculosis, AIDs or HIV, Infections from bacteria and germ. Those are patients we have treated.

If the immune system is too low then you’d get cancer, liver disease, tuberculosis (or TB), AIDs (or HIV), and infections from Bacteria and germ.

Let’s break it down a little bit more. If the immune system is too responsive, you’ll get allergy, asthma, urticaria and sinusitis. That’s what you get when your immune system is too responsive, or hyper-sensitive.

If it’s off.  If your immune system does not work. You get rheumatism, SLE, psoriasis, diabetes with itchiness and digestive system inflammation.

That means our body lacks balance. These are what we did in the past, what we are doing.

Mostly within Thai people, but we also have some foreign patients. We have American, South African and other countries in Asia region as well. One of the problems is they take too much chemical medication. I think everyone in this room knows that that is what destroys your liver, your internal organs, just like an atomic bomb, boom. It destroys the bacteria in the microbiota system, then your body lacks the balance. Then, of course, the abnormality in white blood cells which starts to cause diseases. We get blood pressure, diabetes, and then they’ll bring all the friends. Maybe starts with fats, cholesterol going a lit bit off the chart and then they invite others to come along.

So, today, alternative in treatment uses the microbe group to adjust the body balance to control the bacteria so they won’t spread. With microbiota, the immune system will return to work normally. You know, in theory it sounds easy. But in practice it takes decades of researches.

Also, Professor Bunyong had found some new kinds of herbs. These new kind of herb gives our Tropane Alkaloids which acts as enhancer for the TSH, the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.

And we also can make the Thyroid hormone and the Calcitonin hormone.  So the problem we can solve is from baby, new-born, to elderly people.  With memory, IQ, enhancement, for Parkinson’s Disease, along that line.

So, what can it solve? You may ask, the research? For pregnant women, it’s nourishing plus it will enhance the health of the inborn baby, the fetus and the inborn baby will come out. It has been proven. There are volunteers that started taking the medication. For thyroids, hypo and hyper, no matter how severe, we even have the liquid type for kids. Senility, to bring back the memory because of the myelin sheaths in our brain system sometimes become brittle. For low I.Q. children we have droplets for children.  This had been distributed to many school districts in the south. The results were really astonishing. I saw this myself, personally. A friend of mine, his son was uncapable of communicating thus cannot go to school. It’s almost like retarded, not completely retarded. He was 6 or 7 years old. His parents had to dress him, feed him, everything. After 45 days of taking what we called SmartBrain for Kids, he started to be able to help himself, have social life and started school.

So it’s right there. Also with calcitonin deficiency and Parkinson’s disease. These are some of Professor Bunyong’s findings. I may be able to answer some questions but I will not be able to go into something very deep because I’m not a researcher as you’ve already seen in the introduction. I have degrees in Marketing and Graphic Design. But what I saw and what happened to me since I used to be very weak and what I’ve got. Personally, I’ve got … many years ago I was diagnosed with having epilepsy, I had sleep apnea, early stage of Parkinson’s Disease, up to the point that if I want to eat some soup I couldn’t bring the spoon up to my mouth without spilling the soup all over the place. I would be shaking like this. The doctors in Bangkok, in USA, several of them, even at UMKC, all said that I have to take some form of medications for the rest of my life. I’ve been off that medication over a year now. By only taking Probiotics, I’m healthier, I have no more sleep apnea, no more epilepsy, no more seizure. I can drive, I can ride my motorbike and ride my motor-ski and enjoy many activities, I can go out and play golf without getting tired, etc.

So if it’s good to me then why not spread it around. So I quit everything I ever did before. I owned a restaurant, tour company, hotel, actually I had several restaurants. I quit everything and said this is what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna go out, spread the words, just look at me. People who knows me way back when said that I look much better. So I’m dedicating my life to this. And, of course, it’s a great honor to be here.

Probiotic and Herbal will return.

Thank you,

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